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Multilumen Tubings / Multiple Tubes

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Capable to produce tube with ID (inner diameter) as low as 1.0 millimetres


in custom plastic extrusion for tubing, hose and profile

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At medical tubing, we have a mission to provide our customers with innovative solutions. Our team is always on hand to help you with your needs.

About Us

Our Main Products

The products we offer range from medical extrusion profile to medical tubing extrusion.

Made with durable materials, our products are easy to use and help reduce the risk of contamination, ensuring that patients receive the best care possible.

Guidewire Protector/ HDPE Tubings

Each tube can be customised with different colour / different tube size.

Twin/Double/Triple Tubings

Our multi-lumen extrusion or co-extrusion process offers a high degree of flexibility for you to customize the tube that fits your needs.

Multilumen Tubings

Our coextrusion tubing combines multiple layers of different materials, to provide superior strength, flexibility, and barrier properties.